Mineral water plant "Volzhanka"

Mineral water from the village of Undory
Contains natural organic substances
Food safety management system

Modern bottling lines

Wonderful and amazing the Russian land is: boon and abundant to those who work on it, caring and responsive to those who appreciate and preserve its richness. From the central regions to the oddest corners of Russia, people are favoured with its treasures: plentiful lands, natural resources, full-flowing rivers, and crystal-clear springs.

One of such nature reserve zones is located in the north of Ulyanovsk Oblast in the vicinity of an old-established village Undory. This corner has been known for its vivifying springs since olden times; the purity and healing properties of these springs are recognized far beyond the Volga region.

In 1967, the mineral water plant "Volzhanka" was established in the immediate vicinity of the Undorovskoe spring field. Starting with a small-scale bottlery, "Volzhanka" mineral water plant has turned into one of the largest enterprises in Ulyanovsk Oblast by the beginning of the 21st century, and has been holding leading positions in mineral, drinking water and soft drink industry in the Volga Federal District. The contemporary PO UZMV "Volzhanka" is an advanced, fast-growing local economic mainstay that exercises high level of responsibility for ecological cleanness of the spring field and concerns about the people working on Undory land.

The primary focus of the enterprise is bottling of the famous Undory mineral water "Volzhanka", production of "Volzhanka" drinking water, as well as non-alcoholic carbonated beverages. The product safety control is certified by a chemical-analytical laboratory at all stages of the production cycle.

The quality and excellent gustatory characteristics of PO UZMV "Volzhanka" products have been repeatedly honoured with high awards both at national and international exhibitions and competitions.
"Volzhanka" mineral water is referred to sulphate-calcium-magnesium bicarbonate medical table waters with a high content of organic substances.

Undory mineral water has healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic properties and is recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract and metabolic disorders. Low mineralization facilitates easier penetration of minerals into the body tissues without leading to calcination.

*consult your doctor before application

"Volzhanka" drinking water refers to the waters of the prime quality and meets the criteria of the physiological full value in terms of basic biologically necessary macro- and micro-nutrients content.

Due to its beneficial properties and a pleasant mild taste "Volzhanka" drinking water is suitable for baby nutrition from the first day of life, people who lead an active lifestyle, and those who just care about their own health and the health of their loved ones.

Skip your age and pace of living, because what you need every day is drinking water ‘Volzhanka’!

Original soft drinks "Rastoropsha & Shipovnik" and "Rastoropsha & Chernika" are produced from the prime quality "Volzhanka" drinking water in accordance with GOST 28188-2014 requirements.
The drink contains natural blueberry juice concentrate and rose hips extract.

‘Guelder Rose-Rowan Tree’ – a beverage with rich fruit taste and bouquet provided by the natural world of Russia. The drink contains guilder, chokeberry, carrot and blackcurrant juices; produced in our genuine 0,5 L glass bottles.

"Volzhanka" TM drinks have been honoured with high awards of prestigious Russian trade shows.

Classic sugar-containing soft drinks of "Retro-Boom" series offered by "Volzhanka" trademark are the flavours familiar to everybody sine childhood: "Duchess", "Lemonade", and "Tarkhun".

The drinks are produced in accordance with GOST 28188-2014, based on the prime quality "Volzhanka" drinking water. The drinks contain natural ingredients and sugar syrup.

Classic "Volzhanka" trademark moderately carbonated soft drinks are produced in accordance with GOST 28188-2014 based on the prime quality "Volzhanka" drinking water.
Everyone can choose their favourite drink among the classic flavours offered by "Volzhanka" trademark.
The high quality of our drinks has been repeatedly marked with high awards of prestigious Russian trade shows.

Soft moderately carbonated drinks offered by "Volzhanka" trademark are a variety of tastes and flavours, both well-recognized and exotic. The drinks are produced in accordance with GOST 28188-2014, based on the prime quality "Volzhanka" drinking water.

«Bread Kvass» is produced as required by the National State Standard GOST 31494-2012, it is a natural fermentation product approved by the Russian quality authority Roskachestvo as a high-quality Russian product.


PO Undorovsky mineral water plant "Volzhanka" :

Address: Undory village, Ulyanovsk district, Ulyanovsk region, Russia, 433340

Reception: 8 (8422) 55-36-91

E-mail: mail@voda-volzhanka.ru